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Naveen Patnaik
Shri Naveen Patnaik
Hon'ble Chief Minister
Dr. Gavali Parag Harshad, IAS
Collector & District Magistrate
Dr. Saroj Kumar Mishra
Message from the Hon'ble Chief Minister regarding the Maternal and Child Health Program 'Matrujyoti' being implemented in Sundargarh (for approval)
"In Sundergarh district, the number of maternal deaths has dropped significantly as a result of the 'Matrujyoti' program," he said. "Through this program, all pregnant mothers in the district can be provided with 4 free ultrasound and ancillary testing services during pregnancy to save precious lives."
Mr. Naveen Patnaik
Hon'ble Chief Minister


Sl no. Activity Responsibility
1 Service provision :

The service is for the all pregnant mother.

This includes

  • 4 ultrasound care service.
  • 4 himoglobin test
  • Transport facility
  • fooding facility
  • Escort facility
  • Regular communication with prg mother and awareness.
  • Tagging of definite health centers with ASHA and ANW.
  • Each PW , ANC status to be tagged with the district call center.
ASHA & ANW at field level
  • After identification of pregnancy, ASHA will give PW, the month and Date for ANC check-up.
  • Every Month on the 1st VHND day ASHA/ANW will inform the PW about their next ANC date of that Month. Only those PW ,who have ANC on that month will give ANC date for that month.
  • It is the responsibility of ASHA to inform and aware the family members of Preg. wom about the ANC visit.
  • Either ASHA or Anganwadi will accompany the PW per visit
  • The village VHND point will be regarded as the meeting point for all assigned PW and the escort.
  • After all assigned PW reach the meeting point, their name is to be checked to confirm their arrival which is to be mentioned in the booklet .
  • The group will be escorted by ASHA/ANW to the assigned health centre with a vehicle, which need to be arrange before the date.
  • The food and water provision should be made for all PW .
  • Before every visit the ASHA should take the consent of the PW and her family member.
  • Each Asha/ANW will also insure that each assigned Preg. wom. should attend it .
  • ASHA/ANW should updated New PW cases on monthly basis.
ASHA & ANW at field level



  • Both Asha and Anganwadi is the key resource person in the ground level. They both have the responsibility to escort the PW to the assigned Health care centre for ultrasound check up.
  • ASHA/ANW will inform PW about their next ANC visit in every VHND session, ASHA/ANW will ensure that all PW will reach the time and venue .
  • ASHA/ANW will keep the ANC visit report and submit the monthly report to the CDPO.
  • ASHA/ANW will arrange food and water for the PW.
  • ASHA/ANW will arrange vehicle.


- Each CDPOs will coordinate and provide necessary help to the ASHA/ANW.

- For any kind of dispute at the ground the CDPO will immediately resolve the issue.

- CDPO also track and maintain case record of ANC visit of their block and send to the district on and before every month date 5.


- The DSWO will be the authority for the smooth functioning of the programme.

- He/she also monitor the project on monthly basis.


Health centre

- All the assigned health centre will do the ultrasound and other test on every Monday and Thursday.

- These two days will be regarded as the ANC day, and the due test must be done.

- In case of any critical condition the Health centre will immediately refer to the higher level.

  • The health centers must create some sitting arrangement for pregnant women.
  • The Covid protocol must be followed by everyone.
  • Some of the areas are tagged with health center which are far off, so the health center should conduct the USG of those patients within a time so they can travel back.
  • In case of “High Risk” cases the Doctor will write all details in the “Matrujyoti booklet” and refer to the FRUs that is –
    • 1- District head quarter hospital.
    • 2- RGH, Rourkela
    • 3- Rajgangpur CHC


-CDMO will be the authority for the ultrasound check up at health centre.

- he and his team will regularly monitor the health centre and check efficiency, in any case if he feel to disconnect any health centre he will do that.



Vehicle –

The vehicle must be comfortable, and the speed wouldn’t exceed more than 40, and on the bumpy road the vehicle must be slow.

  • - The driver must be well mannered and not an alcoholic.

Food & Water –

The food must be well hygiene and clean.

  • - first Aid Kit must be there in every vehicle.
  • - Register to keep track of PW.
ASHA & ANW at field level

Payment & Reimbursement Process

- ASHA/ANW both will get an incentive amount of Rs 125/- per visit. And it was directly paid to them by the CDPO after receiving the monthly report.

- ASHA/ANW have to submit the food bill , which will be reimbursed at CDPO level.

- The Vehicle bill with km reading have to submit , which further will be reimbursed at CDPO level.(all the km reading must be thoroughly checked before process of any fund.

- Each PW will get an incentive amount of Rs/-100 for each visit , this will be provided by ASHA/ANW which further will be reimbursed.

-All the medical bill related to the ANC for each PW will be reimbursed at CDMO level after receiving the monthly report.

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